2023 Food Waste Solutions Summit

May 16-18, 2023 | St.Louis, MO

Tyler Simmons

Head of U.S. Key Accounts

Too Good To Go


Tyler Simmons is Head of Key Accounts and Enterprise Sales at Too Good To Go. Tyler oversees acquisition and partnership with chains across the U.S. in both the Food Service and Retail sectors and his team helps food businesses ensure their surplus food does not go to waste. 

 Prior to his time at Too Good To Go, Tyler was the Director of Business Development at Bowery Farming, leading grocer distribution and emerging channels. Before he went into the world of climate and sustainably focused work, Tyler worked at Foursquare, spending time in Singapore as MD of APAC and working across both Enterprise and Advertising business units in strategy, partnerships, operations, and sales.

Tyler lives in Manhattan with his wife and son and enjoys cooking, cycling, hiking, and traveling.


What is the one thing you want Summit attendees to focus on in 2023?

Finding the easiest first step to reducing food waste. Reducing waste is a big complicated issue, and there is no single solution to solve the problem. Operators must find the mix of solutions that work for their business, but test and learn fast and find a way to take action ASAP.

What motivates you personally to work on food waste-related issues?

I love food. I love cooking, dining out, exploring new cuisines. We live in a time where you can get any item, any season, and we operate with reckless abundance. I focus on the issue of food waste, because of my appreciation for the food we eat, and my understanding that food waste does not need to exist. It is addressable at scale across the supply chain, and has cascading positive impacts if we are able to eliminate it. My hope is that conferences like ReFED can bring to light a range of solutions that will help us all eliminate this issue.

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