2022 Food Waste Solutions Summit

May 10-12, 2022 | Minneapolis, MN





Claire Sand

Adjunct Professor and Owner

Packaging Technology and Research and Gazelle Mobile Packaging & Adjunct Professor, CalPoly, Michigan State University


Claire Sand is a Global Packaging Leader with 35+ years of broad experience in the food science and packaging spectrum. Sand's mission is to enable a more sustainable food system - with science and value chain innovations increase food shelf life and prevent food waste. 

She leads cross-functional efforts, infuses innovative solutions, provides compelling business and technology strategies and business cases, and generates implementation roadmaps for the packaging and food industry.

Dr. Sand is Owner and Founder of Packaging Technology and Research, LLC and an Adjunct Professor at Michigan State University and CalPoly and Food Technology’s monthly Packaging columnist and a monthly contributor to Packaging Digest. She is an IFT Fellow, Riester-Davis-Brody life-time achievement in food packaging award recipient, serves on numerous Editorial Boards, is the author of the Packaging Value Chain, and is cochair of pacfoodwaste. 

Claire has held previous basic research, development market research, and marketing positions in Germany, Colombia, and Thailand and at Total Quality Marketing, Nestle, General Mills, Kraft, Safeway, and academia. Dr. Sand holds a doctorate in Food Science and Nutrition from the University of Minnesota and MS and BS in Packaging from Michigan State University.


Wednesday, May 11th

1:30pm - 2:30pm

Breakout Sessions (Running Concurrently)

Heritage Gallery Room

Unwrapping Solutions: The Role of Packaging in Food Waste (Presented in partnership with Sustainable Packaging Coalition)

The right packaging is an important way to help consumers reduce food waste in their homes. So how are manufacturers rethinking packaging to prioritize food waste reduction? From dynamic shelf-life labels that monitor freshness to plant-based stickers that slow down ripening rates and minimize microbial growth, new solutions are emerging to both protect food and reduce food waste, while also cutting down on excessive packaging. This session will share insights and guidance from the Sustainable Packaging Coalition, as well as highlight brands and innovators leading the charge on redesigning packaging to reduce waste. 

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