2022 Food Waste Solutions Summit

May 10-12, 2022 | Minneapolis, MN





Eva Goulbourne

CEO & Founder

Littlefoot Ventures


storm-chaser / snack board aficionado / novice triathlete

Littlefoot Ventures represents a culmination of knowledge and experiences from Eva’s 15 years as a food systems practitioner driving change on global agriculture and food issues within the foodservice, restaurant, and retail industries.

She started Littlefoot to provide strategy, marketing, communications and advising services to food businesses, foundations, and nonprofits focused on creating positive environmental impact. In becoming a mother (and thus creating “little feet” of her own), Eva has more urgency to ensure we leave a better, safer food system for her children, and yours.

Before creating Littlefoot, Eva was a founding team member of ReFED, the leading non-profit dedicated to reducing U.S. food waste, serving in several roles including Director of Communications, then Director of Business Engagement & Programming. She was responsible for the wide distribution of the original ReFED Roadmap report, which has had millions of impressions in the mainstream and trade media and continues to influence corporate strategies and policy agendas to this day. She was also successful in securing over $1.1M in funding for the organization.

Previous to ReFED, she worked at the World Economic Forum serving on the food and agriculture team. There, she supported multi-stakeholder partnerships in 12 countries across Southeast Asia, Africa, and South America to mobilize investment and coordination amongst global food companies, heads of state, ministers of agriculture, and farmer organizations.

She is based in Boulder, Colorado with her husband and two beautiful, goofy children.


Wednesday, May 11th

11:00am - 12:00pm

Breakout Sessions (Running Concurrently)

Heritage Gallery Room

Setting the Table: How to Engage Consumers on Food Waste

What’s needed to shift our overall culture to place more value on food? Consumers generate more surplus food than any other sector, and while poor food management is a big cause, a portion of that waste occurs because of decisions made by other actors throughout the supply chain. Tune in as leaders across brands, local government and academia share the unique ways that they are leveraging their influence to reshape consumer environments and decrease waste.

Thursday, May 12th

10:30am - 11:30am

Breakout Sessions (Running Concurrently)

Ski-U-Mah Room

More Than a Solution for Surplus Food: An Interactive Deep-Dive on Designing for Equity, Justice, and Access in Food Systems (Special Presentation by ReFED) 

Our food systems are rooted in historical inequities that are still rampant today. We have an opportunity to rebuild them differently, but how can we design with those who are impacted, not for? While the primary conversation around food waste and Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice (DEIJ) has been addressing food insecurity with surplus food, there are many other intersections that go beyond using some of our most disempowered members of society as a home for surplus food — food that is great for everyone no matter their socio-demographic. Participate in this interactive discussion, led by ReFED team members, as they share insights from their research on the intersections of DEIJ and the food waste ecosystem. Ultimately, we aim to together cultivate sustainable resilient systems that nourish, rather than deprive.

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