2024 ReFED Food Waste Solutions Summit

June 11-13, 2024 | Baltimore, MD
Baltimore Convention Center

Kai Robertson

Senior Corporate Sustainability Advisor

KOR Consulting


Kai Robertson is an independent Senior Corporate Sustainability Advisor who actively researches, writes, and provides advice about sustainability issues that affect the food industry. She is a globally-recognized expert on addressing food loss and waste in particular. Over the last 10 years, she has played a leading role on a wide range of projects including the Food Loss and Waste Accounting and Reporting Standard; developing practical guidance to help companies, farmers, and other measure FLW; and reviewing the role of different solutions and public policies. Kai has a strong understanding of the many issues that affect the food industry having worked for three decades with companies up and down the food, beverage, and agriculture supply chain. She lives in the D.C. area and credits her parents for having modeled a “waste not, want not” mindset.

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