2022 Food Waste Solutions Summit

May 10-12, 2022 | Minneapolis, MN





Thomas McQuillan

Chief Sales Officer

Do Good Foods


Utilizing 100% of all food to feed people, animals and to rebuild our soil is an essential step needed
to fight climate change. It’s an honor to be a part of a first-of-its-kind solution that upcycles surplus
food at scale.

Thomas brings entrepreneurial knowledge, passion for sustainability and an impressive resume to his
role in the Do Good leadership team’s pecking order. Whether he was working to promote the value of
upcycling food at retail and foodservice facilities or running business programs in Rome, Thomas has an impressive track record when it comes to using food as a force for good in fighting climate change.
Thomas is instrumental in developing and implementing strategic sales initiatives, spearheaded energy-
efficient initiatives and is focused on reducing the amount of food to landfill to zero. As part of the team
of Do Good climate warriors, Thomas takes on challenges because he believes you have to join the fight
to do what’s right!


Wednesday, May 11th

11:00am - 12:00pm

Breakout Sessions (Running Concurrently)

Thomas Swain Room

Financing the Race to Zero Waste: Trends in Investment (Presented by the Food Waste Funder Circle)
Investing in food waste reduction is an important climate change solution, but much more is needed to reach 2030 reduction goals. Presented by the Food Waste Funder Circle, this session will show how funders and innovators working together to develop and scale food waste solutions and explore the question of where your money can make the most impact.

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