2023 Food Waste Solutions Summit

May 16-18, 2023 | St.Louis, MO

Andrew Harig

Vice President - Tax, Trade, Sustainability & Policy Development

FMI – the Food Industry Association


Andrew Harig is vice president of tax, trade, sustainability, and policy development for FMI – the Food Industry Association.

For the last 19 years, Harig has been responsible for representing FMI’s members before Congress and the Administration, with a primary focus on agriculture, taxes, trade, sustainability, food prices, and pensions.

Harig is the staff director for FMI’s Sustainability Executive Committee (SEC), which is comprised of thirty industry sustainability professionals. In this capacity, he also serves as the retail lead for the Food Waste Reduction Alliance, a joint coalition of the Food Marketing Institute, Consumer Brands Association, and National Restaurant Association.
Prior to joining FMI, Harig was an associate trade advisor and speechwriter for the U.S. Senate Finance Committee under its Chairman, Max Baucus (D-MT). From 1999-2001, he was the senior research associate for the Global Economic Policy Project at the New America Foundation, a Washington, DC-based think tank. Harig started his public affairs career in Washington, DC as a research assistant at the Economic Strategy Institute, a non-partisan public policy research organization.

Harig holds a bachelor’s degree from the College of William and Mary and earned his master’s at DePaul University in Chicago.


Thursday, May 18th

10:30am - 12:00pm

Around the Table in 90 Minutes: Filling the Gaps in Food Waste Research

Workshop (Running Concurrently)

The road that leads to halving food waste by 2030 effectively starts by mapping out a research agenda. The Food Waste Monitor tool, within the ReFED Insights Engine, presents comprehensive estimates for system-wide absolute food surplus and its impacts. However, every methodology has its limitations — transparently acknowledging and clarifying those nuances and weaknesses paves the way to improve them. This workshop is geared towards experts in measurement as well as those who rely on metrics to set policy or implement solutions. Workshop participants will be divided into six facilitator-led tables, each representing a sector in the food supply system — farm, manufacturing, distribution, retail, food service, and residential. This will also serve as preliminary documentation for a ‘shared’ research agenda. Join this workshop to gain a deeper understanding of existing and emerging metrics, gaps, and opportunities in the food system as well as strengthening a community of practice among food waste measurement experts to share best practices, pool resources, and collaborate. 

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