2023 Food Waste Solutions Summit

May 16-18, 2023 | St.Louis, MO

Caroline Vance

Capital, Innovation, & Engagement Director



Caroline serves as ReFED's Capital, Innovation, & Engagement Director, working on initiatives that drive more investment into solutions to food waste.  Prior to joining ReFED, she spent 12 years in the impact investing unit of Deutsche Bank and its asset management firm, DWS, where she managed portfolios of investments in microfinance institutions and social enterprises operating in the developing world.  She currently serves on the Board of Upaya Social Ventures, a non-profit organization that makes seed-stage investments in companies that provide dignified employment to the lowest-income members of society in India, and she is a term member of the Council on Foreign Relations.


Thursday, May 18th

10:30am - 12:00pm

Around the Table in 90 Minutes: How to Leverage Catalytic Capital to Scale Impact

Workshop (Running Concurrently)

Identifying Necessary Innovation & Critical Funding Gaps

Catalytic capital — funding that is patient, flexible, and risk-tolerant — is critically important in sparking more traditional forms of capital into the food waste sector. Come learn about trends and gaps in food loss and waste investment,  how the ReFED Catalytic Grant Fund has deployed this type of capital to date, and how organizations are leveraging this type of funding. This session will include table discussions pinpointing areas for much-needed food waste reduction projects, initiatives, and innovation, as well as identifying funding gaps that need addressing and conclude with a share-out.

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