2023 Food Waste Solutions Summit

May 16-18, 2023 | St.Louis, MO

Ivan Jimenez

Senior Program Manager

Hole Food Rescue


Originally from Puerto Rico, Iván grew up in Washington state where he graduated from Gonzaga University before moving to Jackson in 2019 with the intention of one frivolous winter. Two years and seven moves later, his time in Jackson has consisted of operating the Aerial Tram, running No Cost Grocery Programs, and community organizing. Iván started at Hole Food Rescue as the Community Coordinator in 2020, tasked with building relationships in our food recipient communities. In 2021, he became Director of Operations, and in 2022 transitioned into Program Manager. He believes that food rescuing can be one part of a multipronged approach to achieving food justice.

In his free time, Iván can be found snowboarding on Teton Pass in the winter, biking Ferrins in the summer, reading the JHN&G, or perfecting plant-based recipes.


Wednesday, May 17th

1:30pm - 2:30pm

Feeding the Megaphone: How to Increase Community Voice and Participation in Food Rescue

Breakout Session (Running Concurrently)

Conversations about addressing food waste often leave out the communities that are receiving and distributing the food. This results in a hyper-focus on addressing food waste from a logistics-only standpoint and assuming the food will automatically be eaten by people receiving it. Without input from community members on their needs, an entire half of the equation is missing, which doesn’t address the food waste problem holistically and causes harm to communities receiving food. It’s important to consider community-based solutions, cultural needs, and relationships that cannot be automated if we want to better solve the food waste crisis. Join this discussion with Boulder Food Rescue, Hole Food Rescue, and Food to Power to explore how localized, diverse, and community-driven solutions, return power, choice, and control back to the people most impacted by hunger and food waste, allowing for solutions that better meet people’s food needs.


What is the one thing you want Summit attendees to focus on in 2023?

I want attendees to focus on power structures within the food waste environment. Who is making decisions over our food, and how do we shift to a society that places the workers who produce our food and communities that consume food, first?

What motivates you personally to work on food waste-related issues?

Food is a basic human right, but like most human rights, it's a complex issue with many power dynamics affecting ordinary people's access to it. Unpacking food access, alongside other critical issues such as housing, education, and healthcare, is an important step to creating a more just future.

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