2023 Food Waste Solutions Summit

May 16-18, 2023 | St.Louis, MO

Kai Robertson

Senior Corporate Sustainability Advisor

Independent Consultant (KOR Consulting)


Kai Robertson is an independent Senior Corporate Sustainability Advisor who actively researches, writes, and provides advice about sustainability issues that affect the food industry. She is a globally-recognized expert on addressing food loss and waste in particular. Over the last 10 years, she has played a leading role on a wide range of projects including the Food Loss and Waste Accounting and Reporting Standard; developing practical guidance to help companies, farmers, and other measure FLW; and reviewing the role of different solutions and public policies. Kai has a strong understanding of the many issues that affect the food industry having worked for three decades with companies up and down the food, beverage, and agriculture supply chain. She lives in the D.C. area and credits her parents for having modeled a “waste not, want not” mindset.


Wednesday, May 17th

1:30pm - 2:30pm

To Meat or Not to Meat: Putting a Steak in the Ground about Food Loss and Waste in Meat Sector

Breakout Session (Running Concurrently)

Not all food waste is created equal. Despite meat not being the largest contributor to food waste — five percent in comparison to fruits and vegetables which constitute more than a third of total food waste  — specific meats such as beef, veal, and lamb are responsible for the majority of GHG emissions caused by waste due to overgrazing, methane emissions, and fossil fuel use. Where does waste in the meat industry occur, and what can be done to address this? Majority of waste takes place during slaughtering and further losses occur down the chain during retail as well as at the consumption stage. That said, strides have been made to reduce waste in this sector. Come hear from industry leaders about new innovations, the growing momentum to address these challenges, and the success stories around reducing meat waste. 

Thursday, May 18th

10:30am - 12:00pm

Around the Table in 90 Minutes: Mapping Out Approaches to Food Waste Measurement

Workshop (Running Concurrently)

You can't manage what you don't measure. Across the food industry, food waste reduction is often buried in operational budgets, where it is accepted as the cost of doing business. Over time, more and more business leaders are recognizing that reducing surplus food  is an opportunity to contribute to social and environmental goals, while also improving their bottom lines in the process. To support decision-making, how do we generate accurate and reliable data on food loss and waste measurement?  This session will examine how food businesses can successfully build toolkits by providing a comprehensive overview of the various methods and tools available for measuring, estimating, and predicting food waste along the supply chain. This workshop is tailored towards individuals or groups who work at food businesses and are responsible for measurement, as well as those who want their food businesses to measure food waste but don't know how. The workshop will begin with a brief overview of ReFED’s Food Waste Monitor and Solution Database tools — as one methodological example— and then break out into small group discussions where participants will get crash courses in particular food waste measurement methodologies from leading experts. Participants will rotate to different tables every 20 minutes to learn about different methodologies with the ultimate goal of establishing a community of practice to help reduce barriers to entry. 

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