2023 Food Waste Solutions Summit

May 16-18, 2023 | St.Louis, MO

Nicholas Walker


Trade Cafe


Nicholas has been active in the international trade of food proteins for 3 decades. He has extensive experience in business development and trade in every continent of the globe and has financed and fulfilled billions of dollars of protein transactions between producers and processors of protein commodities.

He has witnessed first-hand the plethora of inefficiency that occupies the protein supply chain, all of it created by archaic means, and has spent the last decade improving efficiencies through digitalization of process.

Nicholas has advised governments and heads of state on trade issues related to market access for meat proteins.

Nicholas holds an undergraduate degree in economics from the University of Western Ontario and is an alumnus of the Harvard Business School, Cambridge, MA.

TradeCafe: Established 2016. TradeCafe™ Inc. is the only cloud-based global trading platform that conducts, finances, and fulfills trade transactions in the protein commodities space. It is an online marketplace where complex logistics processes are automated, centrally organized, and visible to all counterparties, increasing supply chain efficiencies leading to less protein loss and associated embedded environmental losses.



Wednesday, May 17th

1:30pm - 2:30pm

To Meat or Not to Meat: Putting a Steak in the Ground about Food Loss and Waste in Meat Sector

Breakout Session (Running Concurrently)

Not all food waste is created equal. Despite meat not being the largest contributor to food waste — five percent in comparison to fruits and vegetables which constitute more than a third of total food waste  — specific meats such as beef, veal, and lamb are responsible for the majority of GHG emissions caused by waste due to overgrazing, methane emissions, and fossil fuel use. Where does waste in the meat industry occur, and what can be done to address this? Majority of waste takes place during slaughtering and further losses occur down the chain during retail as well as at the consumption stage. That said, strides have been made to reduce waste in this sector. Come hear from industry leaders about new innovations, the growing momentum to address these challenges, and the success stories around reducing meat waste. 

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