2024 ReFED Food Waste Solutions Summit

June 11-13, 2024 | Baltimore, MD
Baltimore Convention Center

Eve Turow-Paul

Executive Director

Food for Climate League


Eve Turow-Paul is a leading expert on Millennial and Gen Z global food culture, and founder and Executive Director of Food for Climate League. Her latest book is Hungry: AvocadoToast, Instagram Influencers and Our Search for Connection and Meaning (BenBella, 2020).Through her writing, research, and nonprofit leadership, she helps connect the dots between climate, food culture, and human needs. Eve Turow-Paul has been recognized for her insights into the changing landscape of food culture and has appeared in various media outlets to discuss her research and findings. She views food culture as a key lever for improving mental, physical, and environmental health around the world.


Wednesday, June 12

11:00am - 12:00pm

The Consumer Conundrum: How Can We Help Them Stop Wasting So Much Food

Breakout Session 1

Is it possible to make it easier, more affordable, and convenient for consumers to cut waste? Join us for an enlightening panel discussion as we delve into the complexities of consumer behavior — examining current research, identifying key data gaps, and highlighting impactful activations. We’ll explore the impact of social norms shaping consumer choices, with a focus on innovative approaches to behavioral design, and discover how shopping, cooking, and eating environments can evolve to facilitate waste reduction and foster a culture that places a greater value on food.

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