2024 ReFED Food Waste Solutions Summit

June 11-13, 2024 | Baltimore, MD

Session Recordings

View all the mainstage and breakout session recordings from the event. 


Mainstage Sessions

The Road to Scale: Accelerating Action for Lasting Impact

Behind the Baltimore Charm: A Deep-Dive into the City’s Food Waste Landscape

We Mean Business: Leaning Across the Food Sector

All Together Now: Scaling Action Through High-Value Partnerships & Collaborations

Breakout Sessions: Wednesday

Bytes to Bites: AI's Role in Tackling Food Waste

The ABCs of Reducing Food Waste in Schools: Nurturing Healthy Habits in the Classroom and Beyond

Methane Matters: Merging Climate Strategies with Food Waste Solutions

Turning the Tables: Sustainable Solutions and Strategies for Restaurant Operations

The Consumer Conundrum: How Can We Help Them Stop Wasting So Much Food

Food as Medicine: Reducing Waste for a Healthier Future

Let’s Rock the Boat: A Voyage into the World of Sustainable Seafood

From Capital Stack to Impact: Investing in Food Waste Solutions

Maximizing Impact: Key Components and Partnerships for Successful Food Recovery Programs

ESG Meets Food Waste: Navigating the Intersection of Sustainable Reporting and Implementation

Solution Showcases: Wednesday

Solutions Showcase - Seed to Harvest: Solutions for On Farm Food Loss

Solutions Showcase - Plate to Planet: Solutions for Restaurant Food Waste

Solutions Showcase - Byproducts to Brilliance: Solutions for Transforming Food Waste

Solutions Showcase - Knowledge to Action: Solutions for Reducing Consumer Food Waste

Breakout Sessions: Thursday

From A to B: Streamlining Supply Chain Logistics to Tackle Food Waste

A Fusion of Flavors: The Cultural Footprint of What We Eat and Don’t Eat

Beyond the US: International Opportunities to Funding Food Waste Solutions

Digging Deeper Into Composting: Bridging Infrastructural Needs, Collaboration, and Community Initiatives

All Hands on Deck: Uniting Teams to Tackle Food Waste from Boardroom to Break Room

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