2023 Food Waste Solutions Summit

May 16-18, 2023 | St. Louis, MO

Session Recordings

View all the mainstage and breakout session recordings from the event. 


Mainstage Sessions

Food Waste: The Past, Present, and Future

Cultivating an Inclusive Food System Where Everybody Eats: Exploring the Intersection of Justice and Food Waste

The Future is Now: The Power of Indomitable Youth to Spark Action

Investing in Tomorrow: Financing Food Waste Solutions to Meet the Climate Challenge

Breakout Sessions: Wednesday

Innovate to Elevate: The Latest and Greatest in Food Recovery

From Garbage to Gold: Uncovering the Value of Recycling, Composting, and Anaerobic Digestion

Empowering Consumers: The Latest and Greatest Resources to Reshape Attitude and Behaviors

Cultivating Food Justice, Seeding Sovereignty: A Primer to Reap an Equitable, Inclusive, and Sustainable Food System

Squeezing Every Last Drop: Maximizing Product Utilization through Upcycling

All the Buzz: The Value of Insect Farming in Upcycling Food Waste into Animal Feed

Investing for Impact: How Philanthropy is (and isn’t) Funding Solutions to Food Waste

To Meat or Not to Meat: Putting a Steak in the Ground about Food Loss and Waste in Meat Sector

Feeding the Megaphone: How to Increase Community Voice and Participation in Food Rescue

What Will it Tech? How to Avoid a Solvable Problem through Digital Innovations

Breakout Sessions: Thursday

Insights from Food-Service: A Three-Course Meal in Wins, Challenges, and Big Bets in Hospitality

Insights from the Cafeteria: Food Waste in Schools and Strategies to Reduce It

Insights from the Farm: Cultivating Ideas to Reduce Farm-Level Food Loss

Insights from the Town Hall: Working with Local Governments to Drive Food Waste Policy

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