Feeding the Megaphone: How to Increase Community Voice and Participation in Food Rescue

Conversations about addressing food waste often leave out the communities that are receiving and distributing the food. This results in a hyper-focus on addressing food waste from a logistics-only standpoint and assuming the food will automatically be eaten by people receiving it. Without input from community members on their needs, an entire half of the equation is missing, which doesn’t address the food waste problem holistically and causes harm to communities receiving food. It’s important to consider community-based solutions, cultural needs, and relationships that cannot be automated if we want to better solve the food waste crisis. Join this discussion with Boulder Food Rescue, Hole Food Rescue, and Food to Power to explore how localized, diverse, and community-driven solutions, return power, choice, and control back to the people most impacted by hunger and food waste, allowing for solutions that better meet people’s food needs.

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