2024 ReFED Food Waste Solutions Summit

June 11-13, 2024 | Baltimore, MD
Baltimore Convention Center

Eric J. Adams

Founder and CEO

Dog & Whistle


Eric J. Adams is the founder of Dog & Whistle, a pet food company dedicated to reducing food waste and providing healthy, whole food culinary experiences for dogs. Eric's decades-long career in the food industry, combined with his love for pets, led him to create Dog & Whistle in 2019. As a former restaurant industry worker, Eric was appalled by the amount of perfectly good food that was being discarded, and he saw an opportunity to use his culinary background to create a solution.

Under Eric's leadership, Dog & Whistle has become a disruptor in the pet food industry. By partnering with food service businesses, the company prevents excess food from going to waste and converts it into high-quality, human-grade dog food. Eric's mission is to make quality food accessible to dog lovers in the community while simultaneously reducing food waste.

In addition to his work with Dog & Whistle, Eric is a current board member of the Upcycled Food Association, an organization dedicated to reducing food waste and promoting sustainability in the food industry. He is also an alumnus of Target Forward Founders and has appeared as a contestant on Revolt TV's Bet on Black.

Through his innovative approach to the pet food industry and his commitment to sustainability, Eric J. Adams is making a positive impact on the world.

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